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 Lyrics that touch Ur mind body and soul (HIP HOP)

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Lyrics that touch Ur mind body and soul (HIP HOP) Empty
PostSubject: Lyrics that touch Ur mind body and soul (HIP HOP)   Lyrics that touch Ur mind body and soul (HIP HOP) EmptyTue Feb 10, 2009 9:03 am

(Verse 1)

Deep concentration, mental penetration

Hits me off the paranormal psychic information

Imagine every b-boy and girl in third world nations

Unite become one through pure hip-hop meditation

Watch me closely, I separate the spiritual from the ghostly

Tap the Emperor get struck down like Obi Wan Kenobi

I am hip-hop so hold me, but no one had ever told me

That corporate America would attempt to over-throw me

Secretly plant and grow me, light me up and then smoke me

Got you thinking your the Godfather like Vito Corleone

As an underground artist my days and nights below me

Signing a contract like King Salo, now everybody knows me

Righteousness oppose me, wicked women don't approach me

I am a player-hater so ??? Nelson couldn't coach me

I flipped animalistic's, and the critics tried to poach me

Turned a crew of battle-cats into pussy-cats like Josie

Oh don't play me closely, it's the music that controls me

Hip-hop is mother earth and in my infancy she holds me

Single parent see single handily shape and hold me

When they tried to enslave me she train me how to set my soul free

Bounty Hunters capture me, in carbonate they froze me

I am the Dark Oder my two sons are Thor and Ockie

In the beginning there was the word and in the sentence hip-hop wrote me

If you're brave enough to meditate then come along and show me!

(Verse 2)

I'm an extra-terrestrial emcee, and I know some are doubting me

Like Han Solo fighting style, like awe Millennium Falcon me

I change shapes and mind states through the use of mental alchemy

I climbed the Tower of Babylon and through rappers of the balcony

My culture showers me, the microphone overpowers me

Separates me from rappers who use actions that are cowardly

That's how it be, hip-hop amazes me worships, praises me

Resembles favours me, allows me many ways to freak

Seven styles for seven days a week

Allows me to transform like soundwave and give up more tapes than Laser Beak

The things you see in life hip-hop provides you, over-rides you

Let the spirit of hip-hop get up inside you

There was a shoulder to lead on, but I had the one to cry to

Help me pick up the pieces made me hot enough to fly through

Tried to fly through, jacking me for my faculty

Half of these emcees get lost in space like Dr. Zachary

I jetted for the goal-line A and R's kept trying to tackle me

Sacked me and grappled me, I was the righteous of an athlete

At first I was alone now there's a 1000 kids that backing me

Finally got a deal and now the CIA are tracking me

I didn't mean to do it socialism just came naturally

I think it's time to meditate, my sentiments exactly

(Verse 3)

In the world filled with petulance and hatred

Some say we'll be rescued by spaceships

I stay away from crooks and study books by the ages

When the world gets to crazy hip-hop helps me escape it

No gravity I am weightless, broke from poverty to greatness

I create this and built this, kid rackets smelt the fragrance

One love, One blood I got rhymes buried in my platelage

You can state this, crease this, place this with emphasis

Now enter this, take shots like Islamic fundamentalists

Degenerate rappers I'm smashing attackin' with a passion

A-and-R-bashin', ripping lyrics built on fashion

Now imagine you just won a trip around my way

Full transportation all expenses paid

I've never been a player just the one who got played

Now my style kills more kids then Rouge versus Wade

Don't be afraid to join us on this hip-hop meditation

Where you encounter evil spirits, release hip-hop and let it chase them

And place them over here, forget the clothes that you be wearing

My style is matter free, I'm free but don't you go comparing

Your weekly shopping-sprees versus my bargain basement shopping

Your religion versus my black magic concoction

Tae-quando and boxing, moving soldiers to my locksmith

Your biodegradable rhymes to my lethal toxin

Rhyming is a gift and not an option

I gave birth to more styles then half you emcees got through adoption

Be careful of the lyrics and the rhymes that you be dropping

Cause while we meditate the whole universe is watching!!![img]Lyrics that touch Ur mind body and soul (HIP HOP) Image_14[/img]
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Lyrics that touch Ur mind body and soul (HIP HOP)
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